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About Government Refund Specialist

Located in beautiful San Diego, California, Government Refund Specialists (“GRS”) was formed to assist regular people just like you to obtain your FHA Refund from the Federal Government. Most people do not even know they have a refund. We do all the work and you get paid. Our mission is to help everyone receive their refund.


Glenne Seckelman, Principal

Ms. Seckelman is a Paralegal and has worked in the San Diego legal community for the past 30 years. Whether working with a prestigious law firm, corporation, or her own company, Ms. Seckelman provides honest, ethical and timely professional services with a personal touch. As a successful entrepreneur, Ms. Seckelman has spent many years investing in real estate and hosting marketing and networking events. Ms. Seckelman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from San Diego State University, numerous real estate certificates, and a private pilot’s license.
Se habla Espanol.




Brenda Burns Tippy, Principal

Ms. Tippy has been in the legal field for 30 years both working in prestige law firms and as a consultant. Ms. Tippy has been a business owner for most of her career and is an honest, ethical and professional business woman who will do “whatever it takes” to make every venture successful. Ms. Tippy’s passion is to help the community and give back to others.